What is your time?

I was out on my walk the other day and I met a man who wanted to know what time it was. I looked at my watch and told him the time. I thought he asked that question the way he did because he saw me wearing a watch. He said, “what is your time?” I guess he wanted to know what my watch said.

No two watches will have the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds. I once worked in a place where each room had a clock up on the wall. All the clocks had different times. Some were five to ten minutes ahead of the real national time. If one wanted to come in late, they would refer to the clocks that were behind. And if they wanted to leave early, they would refer to the clocks that were ahead. I guess the man that asked me that question must have experienced such, hence that manner of asking. Upon reflecting on that, the question meant more to me and it made me think about what time it was in my life. You know, like it is said that life is a journey, we go through different seasons, and time could refer to a season. The question made me ask myself what season I’m in. What is happening in my life this minute, this day, this year, this season. Is it a fruitful time, or a time to sow. Is it a time to step back or time to be hands on.

Like seasons, you can tell whether it’s winter, summer, autumn or spring by the weather and the time of the year. Although the weather tends to fluctuate, you still can’t miss a season. In the same manner, you can not miss what time it is in your life by watching the circumstances around you. If you’re alert and open to being able to tell what opportunities are showing up, or not showing up, you will be able to tell whether it’s time to step into something or time to walk away from what’s not working.

Life or time is like the 4 seasons. You can’t enter into a new season, until you’re willing to leave the old one.

Life can sometimes feel like winter. Everything dries up and things appear like there was no life before. The trees appear naked without their leaves. During your winter season, you’re stripped down to what is really important. The Corona virus has wrecked havoc for many people, some businesses are closing down. Everything feels dry. There’s despair for a lot of people. Know that there’s no season that lasts forever. Spring is coming.

When the winter is gone then comes the spring. The birds come out more and do a lot of singing in the morning. New leaves appear on the trees, flowers boom and there’s life again. I liken this to a time in one’s life when they’re picking up all the pieces from their brokenness and beginning to rebuild what has been broken. Things begin to look up.

Summer follows, lots of sunshine and warmth. There’s more light than darkness. Everything starts to feel right again. There’s expansion in the businesses, some promotions begin to happen. One cannot miss what time this is.

Then the Fall (Autumn) comes. It’s harvest time! Whatever was sown must be reaped. The hard work pays off. It’s time for abundance, and definitely no time to forget that winter is coming again! It’s time to save up for that time.

Time or seasons can also be likened to life stages. The baby or growing up years, young adult years, middle age years and senior citizen years.

Whatever time you’re in, do what’s required of you without missing any opportunities.

What is your time?

Is it morning, afternoon, evening or night?
No season lasts forever!
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