Chase or be chased.

Life is strange

A small thought from me. I like sharing small thoughts because small thoughts tend to have a tremendous impact on one’s life. Great things come disguised as small. Only the discerning can catch that. I have noticed one strange thing in life. Most people tend to shun and run away from the very things that will benefit them in the long run, things that will build their capacity, only to realise later that they actually needed that. Then they start to think, “How didn’t I see that earlier? The solution is for you to try it. If it does not work, you know you gave it time. But often, if you give it your all it works. Don’t waste time running away. Don’t get chased by anything, chase what you desire. Be bold, brave and most importantly, be you. Time is now. When you try, you know. Sometimes, you don’t know what you need until you get there.

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