Simple precious.

Someone once said, “life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.”

I wish life could be like an outfit that I get to choose. As I continued to reflect on that, I realised that life was made perfect by the creator. However, man chose his own path and marred the perfection with his own desires. And by man, I mean the human race, male and female. Man is constantly on the move in search of some new exciting experience, at times to the detriment of his own health. It’s not often that man looks at ordinary things surrounding him for excitement. We’re always looking for something bigger, great opportunities, celebrated places or new inventions and we keep going, but we never sit back to think about what it is we are really chasing. In the process, we neglect our health which should be the starting point for our quest.

I met a mother who made me to appreciate the importance of embracing what is within my reach. Like I can choose an outfit that’s perfect for me, I can choose a life I can call perfect for me, as long as I have my health.

I was out on my walk and my path included walking over a pedestrian over bridge that goes over the underground rail line. The path is well fenced on either side and above, I guess to protect the public from accidentally falling down into the path of an oncoming train, or to stop those who would want to jump intentionally to take their own life. Families with little children usually bring their little ones to this spot to watch trains going and coming from either direction and passing underneath them, below the bridge. Kids get very excited. You can see the sheer joy in the kids as they jump up and down shouting “train, train, train” over and over again when they see a train coming. When mum says it’s time to go, they start crying.

On this occasion, I got to that spot just as the train was passing underneath the bridge and the kids were so excited. I said hello to the mother and to make conversation, I simply asked if they were enjoying watching the trains. The mother replied with so much enthusiasm, “Oh yes! Simple precious!”

Those last two words jumped out at me! As I mulled over those two words, I realised that life is a simple thing that we tend to complicate at times. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there are no problems in life. There are troubles in life and some, very tough to handle. What I’m talking about here is the approach to those problems and life in general that we can choose to take. Simple precious sounds like a good approach to me. Let say the mum did not have the time or money to take the children to an amusement park, instead of her staying at home and getting miserable about not being able to go to an amusement park, she chose to go to the bridge a street away from home for her kids to have fun. She didn’t pay a penny, but they still had fun. And there are a lot of other simple things that one can do to deal with what they can and leave out what they have no power over in order to enjoy simple precious!

If this approach is taken in every area of our lives, the less anxious lives we will lead. Look for some simple precious moments today and enjoy the journey. Don’t wait for the whole world to go green before you choose to live. As long as you have health which is a prerequisite to enjoying simple precious, God is the limit!

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