Wrong Mindset

A wrong mindset will always affect the way you respond to new things. It will make you reject things that have great potential to spur you to practical creation that can lead you to fulfilling your purpose.

Months ago, just before the first lockdown, a friend of mine invited me to speak at her church’s women’s event. The theme was, Embracing the seasons of life.”

I got so excited, that was my topic! A few months prior to this, God had been speaking to me about the world’s four seasons and how that can be likened to different happenings in our personal lives. During this time, I took pictures of trees in autumn, when they shed their leaves which would have turned brownish orange at the time of shedding.

Because I hate the cold so much and abhor wearing heavy coats, I have always thought that the winter season is eight months long because I have worn coats for that long! I love wearing my dresses and I feel the coats hide my dress outfits from my sight. Blimey! But hey, I have chosen being warm over loving my dresses. Wisdom!

It was not until the time of my researching for my teaching about seasons that I actually looked up the four British seasons on google and how long they last. I couldn’t believe when I read that each season lasts only three months! Three months, friends!

Winter – December to February.

Spring- March to May

Summer – June to August

Autumn – September to November

Until this time my winter had been from October to May. Though I thought this way, I knew that what’s called Spring was somewhere in March and April, and some autumn was somewhere in those eight months. I don’t know how such confused thinking lived in my head!

But that’s what happens when we cling to our mindset and refuse to give ourselves time to really discover something. That’s what happens when we refuse to be curious and ask ourselves some questions.

You may have heard someone share something that you were not interested in, and you straight away went to shut them out instead of getting curious and start to ask questions to find out more. There probably might be some message in there for you. The more we choose to shut out outside knowledge, the longer we remain in our darkness and delay our learning. The wrong mindset will always subconsciously affect someone’s behaviour without even them being aware. Like in my story, I believed that winter was that many months and I behaved and wore cold for that many months. I probably might have felt colder than it actually was in the months I thought were winter but were not!

You might be thinking that you’re not able to do something just because of your limiting mindset that’s not allowing you to get curious. Ask yourself;

• where’s the prescription that says I can’t do or change what I’m being told?

• Whose prescription is that even?

• Is it true that I can’t do better than I’m doing now?

• Is what I know now all there is to know?

• Am I stuck where I am or is it possible to move?

• What’s the worst that can happen if I believe something new?

• What do I believe about myself?

What if I believe that winter is only three months and not eight months? Which I now do! Just because I was born and brought up in a tropical climate doesn’t mean that anything below the temperatures I have known is winter. Yes, it’s colder than what I have been familiar with, but there’s always some adjustments to be done. Since I adjusted my mindset about the weather, I find myself telling myself that it’s warm when the temperature is 6 degrees Celsius. Really? Yes, really!

And so, If you believe that winter is eight months, then it will be eight months, but if you believe that it’s only three months, then yes, it will be three months. What you believe will always have an impact on your life’s outcome.

What mindset do you have about your progress, your God given destiny. Are you limiting God because of your small thinking? You can’t be stuck, simply change the way you think and see yourself progress. See yourself the way God sees you and walk in the things he has said about you! Step out and try something new. Nothing about you changes until you change your mindset. Have a negative mindset and you’re going nowhere. Have a positive mindset, and try something new, you will be in a different place months from now.

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