Meet Phyllis Chisala, Founder and Lead Coach at WNS. She Helps Women who are overwhelmed due to intimidating Life’s challenges get healing from their past hurts sustained at work or home so they can rediscover the woman in them and function at their full potential to achieve their best life ever and become unstoppable! The more peace you create within you, the more you will create a life that matters within you.

Phyllis Chisala has used her wealth of skills and experience to launch out to help others. She is a health professional, a nurse to be specific, with experience of being a manager and coaching the organisation’s workforce. Phyllis is a qualified transformational coach and a Cognitive behavioural therapist and uses counselling skills. Phyllis understands first-hand how to make a difference to people’s lives through warm engagement. Her coaching techniques allow clients to open-up and discover parts of themselves they had lost or forgotten. Specialising in lifestyle improvement through relationships and corporate development, Phyllis will help clients to understand who they are and release their limitations often holding them back. In the past Phyllis has suffered from bullying which led to the loss of her self-confidence and hate for self. This led to loneliness, a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. Loneliness typically leads to anxious feelings and a lack of connection to people and loss of self. She overcame this experience and bounced back to health. Phyllis has an interest in the subject of the effects of bullying and being Resilient and studied Resilience as part of her Existential coach training.

WNS exists to help women who are weary to reclaim their stories and re-engage life to create their own expert life.

Get in touch so you can discover the new you and start and grow your own expert life using your experience and skills.

Who Knows best but a caring heart.

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