Supporting your immune system


Lifestyle medicine is a field of medicine in which whole food is used and disease prevented, reversed or even treated. This is done by addressing the root cause of the many chronic diseases people present with by managing diet and lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercise supports your body.

Our bodies need to be taken care of and they need support. 

“I always take my fruit and vegetables, so why do I still need a supplement? I hear you ask. That’s probably because, try as we might, many of us just don’t get enough vitamins from our diets. So focus on eating as healthy as you can, and after that look into a multivitamin. “It’s possible to get all of the nutrients you need by eating a variety of healthy foods, so you don’t have to take them, but supplements can be useful for filling in gaps in your diet.”

It’s the lack of these essential vitamins that cause our bodies to complain. Being low in vitamins can lead to “frequent infections or even autoimmune conditions leading to chronic conditions. We have just gone through corona virus pandemic and I’m sure most people were eating to boost their immunity. I know of a lady who through this pandemic period has been eating 4 eggs and 2 glasses of milk every morning to support her immunity. She has now put on weight and has started having knee problems. If only she had been having supplements to support her immunity all the time before the pandemic, she wouldn’t have had to go on an emergency immunity booster eating now causing her problems which she needs to deal with.


So maintain your immunity by supplementing your diet. Eat healthy and just take supplements. These are not meant to be a replacement for your diet. And they are very good support to sustain your health.

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